Super thirsty

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Super thirsty

Anyone else noticed increased thirst these past few weeks? I feel like I'm drinking water all the time but still feel thirsty not too long after. I mentioned to my midwife but she didn't seem concerned for GD since I passed the screen and my urine dipsticks have been normal so far. Maybe it's for increased blood volume? I was also thinking maybe because the weather is so dry and cold now and we are using indoor heat which also dries out the air so it's probably sucking out all my moisture. The bad thing is when I drink water during the night it flares up my heartburn...blech Sad I'm going to have to start wearing a camelbak everywhere I go if my water consumption increases Blum 3

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Mine goes back and forth. There are some days where I cannot get enough to drink.

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I have those days where I can drink tons of water and lots of juice and want more and more! And it's funny some nights I CRAVE ice really bad but I am keeping up on my fluid intake.

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My water intake has shot up now, which is causing many more trips to the bathroom. on a typical day now I am drinking 2 liters of water alone, and on top of that I normally have a cup of tea or a glass of OJ in the morning, and two full glasses of milk with dinner. I think this is also why I have not been as hungry lately, my stomach is too full of liquids to even want food.

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I have to carry a water bottle with me anywhere I go- it seems like i can't get enough fluid sometimes. Also winter is here and it gets so dry where I am from so that doesn't help.

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I am constantly drinking water or chewing gum! It makes it for a bad night's sleep since I have to go to the bathroom a million times!

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I have never liked drinking water and now is no different. I do force myself too though for the sake of baby but I have definitely been drinking tons of milk. At the beginning of the pregnancy I could barely tolerate it but now I drink about 5 tall glasses of milk per day.