Surprise packages sent!

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Surprise packages sent!

So we decided to send out a cookie package to our family to tell them about the gender of our newest little man. Here are the finished photos!

The cookies:

All packaged up:

Each had a tag:

flipped over to read (I used my probable c-section date):

This is how each cookie bag was boxed:

I had fun doing them and I hope the family enjoys the surprise!

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I love it!!! I wish I could bake like you and be that creative!

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OMG!! They look AMAZING!!! You did a great job!! I know they will love them!!

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That is the coolest idea and your cookies look amazing!! Your family is going to be so suprised!

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THose look so cute Christina!

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Do you need my address? ;). Those look awesome!

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"Jenn0113" wrote:

Do you need my address? ;). Those look awesome!

ROFL If only my little stinkers didn't eat all the extras!

Thanks ladies! I'm happy with how they turned out.

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Those are awesome!!

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Great idea and they came out awesome!

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Those are so flippin cute Christina!!!! Love it!

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OOOh that's too cute!!! What a good idea, love the no girls allowed cookies!

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Such a cute idea!

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Hey girl! I cannot believe you are having another boy! Ha! Actually I can! Wink But these are SO ADORABLE. Oh my goodness. I'm in love!

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Those are so cute!! What a fantastic idea. I am sure your family will love them.

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OMG.. Those cookies were so adorable Biggrin

What a greaT idea.. I may just have to something similar and thank goodness I have a lil family Smile

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So unbelievably cute! Great idea! I might have to steal it too!

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Christina, those are sooo adorable! What a wonderful idea! Biggrin

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How cute! I love the pirate one! Hehe, great job!!! Biggrin

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What a cute idea!! They look delicious too! Smile

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LOVE IT!! Those are so cute! You do such an awesome job!!!

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Those are adorable

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Those are amazing! What a sweet gift!!

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Thanks again, ladies! I appreciate the love. Smile

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Would you like to make some for me and my family for when I find out. Wink Those seriously look delicious! Doesn't help that all i've been craving is goodies. lol. Seriously though. How much would something like that cost?

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I can't see them b/c I'm at work, but I bet you did a great job!! I love to bake. I wish I had the time to do it as much as I want to Smile