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tentatively joining (m/c ment)

Hi All. I have been lurking for a few weeks but finally decided to introduce myself. I have had two m/c in the past year, one in September at about 6 weeks along and one in Jan at 14 weeks. We are delighted to be pregnant again and really hoping this one sticks. After reading the thread on POAS addictions (that was highly entertaining!) I took a 2nd FRER test and was delighted to see the first line came up about 2 minutes before the control line. I took photos of that. The first test was a much weaker positive. Anyway, I am cautiously optimistic about this pregnancy. I still haven't brought myself to call the doctor's office yet. I want to hear the heartbeat on the doppler when I have my first appt. I am slightly nervous that other than sore boobs, insomnia, constant fatigue, crazy hormone and super smell I have few symptoms but I was so sick the last pregnancy and that ended in a m/c so I will just enjoy feeling reasonably okay. Looking forward to a HH9M together.

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Welcome, Nicole! Believe me, I'm in the same boat. I've lost two and am certainly anxious for the next month to be over. HH9M to you Smile

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Me too, I lost a twin last time around. This is such a hard wait, isn't it? We are all here for you in support. Smile HH9M

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I think there are a few of us in your boat--I could have written your post. I lost one in Aug at 5 weeks, another in January at 14...and I was also SOOOOO incredibly sick with the last one (and even had a good u/s at almost 7 weeks with a strong h/b and on target growth) that I was sure everything was fine. We announced at 10 weeks and at my 12 week appt, a h/b couldn't be found on the doppler--an u/s showed baby stopped growing at 8 weeks. I waited 2 weeks to m/c naturally. So yes...I totally understand cautiously optimistic.

I have an appt set up for exactly 10 weeks...I hope all is good by that point. I would have waited until 12 weeks, but I wanted the first appt to happen when my older kids were still in school and thats the last week of school.

BUT.....long post for...Congrats! Even a cautious congrats! Welcome to January!

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Welcome, Nicole, and congrats!

Try to enjoy this time, even though it is so difficult. {{{sending super sticky vibes}}}

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Hi Nicole! HH9M to you and hoping for a sticky bean!

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Welcome to Jan, I hope you have a HH9M! Like the others, I've had a loss as well and its definitely hard to sit back and relax, however, all I can do is hope and pray all is well.

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Congrats and welcome ! Biggrin

I'm very sorry for your losses. :bigarmhug:

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Hi there Nicole :wavehello: Congratulations and Welcome!!

I'm sorry for your losses. :bigarmhug:
The carefree innocence of pregnancy definitely takes wings after experiencing loss(es). I've experienced 4 since Jan. '10 and have had bouts of fears/worry that I've been having to deal with. Feel free to vent here as well as sharing your excitement, milestones.

Glad to have you with us Biggrin Hoping we all have a wonderful HH9M to Jan. 2012!!

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Hi Nicole, and welcome.

I too am a m/c survivor & am a little cautious to get too excited as well. I have a story similar to Hollybear, but have had a little once since & am hoping it was just a fluke & that this one sticks.

All we can do is hope, all the stress & worry in the world won't change any outcome.

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Welcome!! Congrats!! HH9M!!! Sending super sticky vibes to you!

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sorry to hear about your losses...that must have been so hard.

welcome, and here's to hoping that your little bean is a super sticky one! :bigarmhug:

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Welcome and congrats! I am so sorry for your losses. :bighug: This is my first pregnancy after a m/c back in Oct 2010, so I'm right there with you. This is a kind of stressful time, but I hope that we can both enjoy it as much as possible. Lots of sticky vibes coming your way.

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Congrats and welcome Smile hope you have a HH9M

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I'm with you on the tentatively excited list. My hcg levels are not where we want them to be, but I have no symptoms indicating I'm losing it - I've had one missed m/c and dealt with infertility for the last 7 years. :bigarmhug: I pray we all stick around and get to know each other and bring happy healthy babies into this world! Biggrin