Terrific u/s today! (and predicted gender!)

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Terrific u/s today! (and predicted gender!)

Great news! My little bean grew a week's worth of growth in one week! I am now 7w5d along and was 6w5d last Monday (got to change my ticker). Due date is Jan 26. Heartbeat was 162bpm and was 124bpm last Monday. Everything looks great and I am so happy! I asked what side of the uterus the baby is on and it's the right. According to that article, >97% of the time that means BOY! Super delighted even though I have to roll the ticker back. Thanks for all of your support last week.

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Yay!!!!! Oh I am soooo, sooooo, sooooo glad to hear this great news!!!!

And great remembering to ask where the placenta is!! I have to remember that on Thursday!

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Yay!!!!! Congrats on a great u/s! I am so happy for you!

I will have to remember to ask which side the placenta is on when I go on Wednesday...

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I'm so glad that you had a great appointment! Yahoo

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Yaaayy!!! This is the best news! Congratulations!!! Yahoo

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This is great news! I knew everything would be okay for you! I'm trying to remember where my placenta's were with my boys. I think one was on the right side and one was on the left. I'm not sure, I do know that my first one was on the right side though, the front right side.

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Great news!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yay for great news, glad the appointment went well!

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That's great - and good job remembering to ask about the placenta! I hope I can remember to ask too.

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great news!!! congrats!!!!

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Congratulations Nicole!

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