There is 1 bad part to everyone having their baby

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There is 1 bad part to everyone having their baby

and that is the boards will get slow and die off Sad That is always the worst part! I have made some great friends on these boards! I hope everyone will check in and keep us updated! Even though this is baby #5 there are always questions that need an answer and advice and even just to vent!

I am a little hormonal today so sorry I am writing this but really it's the worst part! Smile

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I'll always be around Smile you ladies hav been great being one of my shoulders to lean on through all of this and I couldn't thank you ladies enough.

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My old boards usually would go for a little while after birth before they die out--my 2nds board is the only one still up and running, and there are about 5 ladies who post there. The rest have been dissolved Sad

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My son's board created a group on facebook and is still active there. It doesn't have to end Smile

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I'll still stick around! My November BB is still pretty active and I love it, hope this one stays like that too!

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I'm finally back (I got locked out of my account for awhile).

My last BB Feb 08 stayed pretty active until our kids hit 2, so I am hoping that this one will stay as active. Even after the babies are born there are normally a lot of questions about how everyones sleeping, eating, pooping, teething. So I'm sure we can keep this board going.