Is there room for one more

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Is there room for one more


Had my 2nd scan today. Everything looks great...except my placenta is laying too low. I've been put on pelvic rest and told not to lift anything heavy. (GRRRRR!) Here's hoping that darn placenta moves up before my next ultrasound in 6 weeks. I don't like being restricted!

Anyway....the Doctor was apparently right about the baby's gender at our 12 week scan. Baby is still very much a boy! I'm so excited that we will be giving Nathan a little brother!!! I'm also really glad that I convinced DH that we should hold on to all of Nathan's old baby things and we will not have to spend much money at all getting ready for this next little one.

I did, however, go shopping today to celebrate and get what I think might be the baby's coming home outfit. I also saw these cute matching big brother and little brother shirts that I'm going to use to help share the news on Facebook.

Some pictures:

Potential coming home outfit. It doesn't look like much, but it's really fuzzy and soft. I looked at lots of really cute things, but decided that convenience and comfort wins over style.

IMG_1509 WEB by amberbella, on Flickr

Brother shirts:

IMG_1508 WEB by amberbella, on Flickr

My baby boy!

IMG_0002 WEB by amberbella, on Flickr

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Congrats on the little boy! The outfits are adorable! and love the u/s pic! I really want a 3D one but dont know if I want to spend the money on it lol.

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Congratulations! And that adds another tally to team blue. Only a small handful of us left to find out now too. I'm betting team blue will be the winners of the board. lol. I love having my boys together, it's so much fun how they play together!

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Congrats Amber ! Biggrin

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Congrats!!!! Welcome to TEAM BLUE!!!

I LOVE the big/little brother shirts! So darn cute!!

Sorry about the restrictions but I hope everything moves quickly.

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Congratulations on your BOY!!!! I love the big brother/little brother shirts. So adorable Smile I hope your placenta moves fast so you can get off pelvic rest!

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"thinktink19" wrote:

I really want a 3D one but dont know if I want to spend the money on it lol.

Yeah, I wouldn't have spent money on it either. It just happens to be that I lucked out and the ultrasound specialist that my OB referred me to only has 4D machines!

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Congrats! Love your big brother and little brother outfits.

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Congratualtions on your BOY!! Very cute outfits!

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YAYYYYY .. such adorable lil man you have there Smile

Welcome to team BLUE Smile I tell you the boys are starting to take over .. come on girls Smile Very cute outfits and I agree comfort verses style is the way to go :bigarmhug:

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Congrats on adding another to team Blue!!!

How great that your OB told you a boy at 12 weeks and was right!

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Congratulations to you & your boys Amber!!

WOW, another boy, eh? January is being invaded by blue. lmao...

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Congrats on the baby boy!!! Cute outfits!!!