For those of you who have 2 or more kids..

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For those of you who have 2 or more kids..

Is it normal to have all these weird feelings? I just feel like I'm ruining her life. She actually seems really excited but I feel like her whole life is going to change and shes going to hate me. Also I am worried about the time I'm in the hospital, she has never been without me for one night so I don't know how she is going to handle not having me home... Also, I was thinking with the c-section, I don't exactly remember the pain but I do remember it was pretty bad, and I'm worried about even being able to hold my girl Sad Please tell me I will get over all this!! I know I still have alot of time but I can't help but thinking about all this!:confused:

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Yes, they get over it Biggrin And they end up loving a sibling so much and having a fun playmate! My kids absolutely love having each other! I have not had a c-section and my recoveries have always been pretty fast, but I still slow down. When my 2nd came, I had prepped a "nursing box" for my ds--since he was only 20 months when dd was born. I filled it with new books, coloring, special snacks etc and when I sat down to nurse dd, we pulled out his box and he got to sit with me if he wanted and do special activities to not feel left out. I think it helped him. My others had each other when #3 came and they were 4.5 and almost 3 so they understood a lot better that I had to care for baby or I didn't feel well after having baby out of my tummy. This time my older 2 will be in school fully day and I'll have ds2 home, so I might prep another nursing box for him to have something fun to do to not feel left out.

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The feelings are completely normal & she will adjust just fine.

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I had these feelings for a while with adding #2 but then I think "or would be it more sad to not give him a sibling for life?" They are so young right now that they won't remembering being an ONLY but they will always have memories of having a sibling. How many people say "I wish I never had a brother/sister?" You know? I have 2 brothers and sometimes siblings are a huge PAIN - but I wouldn't trade mine for the world.

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I will soon be a mother of 5 after my twins are born 1/31 and i still get those feelings at times, but as soon as i see my older childrens reaction of joy and excitement i cant help but feel better about it. siblings are friends for life and being an only child myself I cannot explain the joy i feel in watching them play together or sharing secrets etc.

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Definitely normal Smile DH had a tiny wondering this time around when we found out that we're going to have another boy. Although he's very happy, he was thinking how W won't be his only son, etc. I agree w/ the others that it's a wonderful thing for your daughter to have a sibling. I love knowing that my daughters get to grow up together and will be able to go shopping and have nights/special trips to do together when they'e grown. And now knowing that W will have a brother to do stuff with, well it definitely outweighs any of the other feelings of whether I'm taking away from their lives by having more.