Three Weeks

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Three Weeks

until my first OB visit, and they are going to go horribly slow. I feel like I've been waiting forever already and I made the appt 2 weeks ago, so 2 weeks have felt like an eternity!

Sorry, just had to whine.

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I know what you mean... I don't have an appointment yet but I'm calling tomorrow... I imagine they will make me wait 3-4 weeks before being seen *grumble*. I really want to be seen before our trip to Hawaii.

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I feel your pain. I've got just 2 weeks left. Two very, excruciatingly, depressingly long weeks.

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I go next week and it seems like it's been forever waiting already, I'm sure this week will drag by!

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Aww I hope the time passes quickly! I only had to wait 2.5 weeks for my appt as the doctor office does bloodwork at 6weeks for intake.

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I know, that wait can seem soooo long! I went to my drs office the first week I found out (so like 3 weeks ago) and did a physical and blood tests and all that, but no u/s. My ultrasound is this Friday, and I agree, the time in between has really been dragging. I think I just feel like once I actually see the baby and see the heartbeat and know that everything looks good, I will feel a lot better. But until then, I keep having terrible doubts. Can't wait to put my mind at ease!!!

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I am with you on that one....I have to wait until June 22nd for my first appointment but I feel like I need to see/hear the heartbeat to make sure everything is ok. Days are dragging....

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Oh, I hear ya!!!

I have my nurse consult this Friday (6/3) but that's just paperwork and bloodwork. The real appointment is over 2 weeks away (6/16). I'll be 10w3d and it is killing me!

Like Alissa I have to keep running terrible thoughts out of my head.

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I'll be 10 weeks too. I'm sure they would have seen me earlier, but I wanted to be at least 10 weeks along. I sure hope it goes by fast! My older kids have their last few weeks of school during this time and some field trips/field days, DD and I have a dance performance this weekend, we have a camping trip planned. I hope all of these make the days fly by.

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I just made my appointment.. June 15th... I maybe fibbed about my LMP so I could get in sooner... MAYBE.