Ticker party!!

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Ticker party!!

I moved up a baby on my ticker! Yay!!!! Lol. Little things like this excite me!!!!

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Ha - cute. I like to see mine move too. I had the one you have now with DS and loved seeing the baby change. I also like seeing when it changes to a new trimester.

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I like to look at those tickers so I can see where I would be. I also really like the ones with fruit/veggie comparisons. Yay, my baby is now the size of a blackberry! (or something very similar...because I have no idea how big mm/cm is!)

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@Lisa - I'm happy your ticker moved up! Not gonna lie, that particular ticker freaks me out, though - the baby is very disproportionate, it looks like a super-skinny toddler is curled up at the 9 month mark! Could just be me, though...

But yeah - WOOT for the bump!

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I love that too! I also wish that I could have all of the different tickers in my signature at once because I love seeing the different facts (like Your baby is as big as...) that aren't in my own ticker. I have a couple of due date buddies (people due within a couple of days of me) that I love to see posting because then I can see what their tickers have to say about our babies.

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I agree brawlberry, it does look a little dicrepid but it's still nice to see it move hehe

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I wish I could see all of your gals tickers. I can't see 'em so that's why I don't have one myself. I really loved watching them w/ my DD's pregnancies though.