Timing dilemna!

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Timing dilemna!

Trying to figure out when the heck should we fly my MIL out to help. She's only got about a week that she can really leave her family/take off of work. She has come to help with every kid, but this is the first one that she is actually working (she quit 25+ years ago and was a SAHM and then went back to work last year). For my first, we figured he might be late, so we bought her tickets for about his due date--he came 9 days early. With my 2nd, we expected early, so she came several days before the due date--she was right on time so she had less time actually helping/being with baby. With the last, she came right at the due date--he was 3 days late! Ugh!

Why can't babies just come on a specified date?! (without a planned c/s) LOL

Right now I'm actually thinking just right before or on the d/d....because if he makes an early appearance, I have quite a few friends who would let our kids have a sleepover, etc during my hospital stay, and then dh could take a few days off work to be home with me and by the time he has to return to work, my MIL would be here to pick up where he left off--shuttling my older kids around, making meals, cleaning up, etc. (She is a fantastic help! Hence why SHE comes and NOT my mom!) Because if she comes too early, baby might just arrive right before she leaves since she can only take a week.

Any ideas? Are there any flexible flights that don't cost a small fortune that will let you change dates?

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I agree, DD or maybe a day or two after.

When do you need to make arrangements? Just wondering if you can put it off for a few weeks until you have a better idea about when he may come.

I would say her help is better after baby so I would try my darnedest to have her out after baby is here.

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I agree with Christina. Have her come out a day or two after d/d or on. If baby is already here by your d/d you have those extra couple days when hubby can help and when she arrives she can help w baby.