Today is the day!!!!!

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Today is the day!!!!!

Finally!!!! Seems like it's taken forever and I know the rest of the day is going to take forever too. The appointment is at 6:15 tonight. I have a dr's appointment to check out a cough I've had for over a week now that isn't getting better and my ribs and hips are sore from coughing so hard. I'm lucky to go 10 minutes in between coughing fits. Sad There's a bronchial bacterial virus thing going around, I'm extra prone to it because of getting bronchitis several years ago, so I'm hoping that's not what it is. I hope they can give me some sort of cough medicine though because this cough is seriously ridiculous. Last night was the first night i've slept well in a week and I think it's because I was so exhausted.

But anyway. TODAY IS THE BIG DAY!!!! Any and all open leg vibes are welcome and lets hope we see some girly bits on the screen. But I will still be happy and love a little boy too. Smile

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Yay Krista!
Sending you loads of pretty pink vibes! (:

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Thank you Ashley! Smile

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GOOD LUCK!!!! Smile

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Have you even gotten to have an u/s yet this pregnancy?

Good luck at your other appt too, you really deserve to feel good at some point during this pregnancy.

KUP girl. Biggrin

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Yay have fun! Hopefully today goes by super fast for you!

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Krista, I've been lurking like crazy waiting for this post too!! Can't wait to hear about your little bundle!

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Mine is tomorrow at 6:30pm....I am anxious too. Maybe we can both have girls??

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Thanks ladies! Aww, Marie you make me feel so special! Smile

This will be my first U/S this pregnancy and my very first time to see the little baby growing inside me. Smile

I have bronchitis and am now on antibiotics to get rid of that. I did some calculations and I've been sick about every 6 weeks this pregnancy. Beee Not how I planned on spending a pregnancy. But at least I have something to help me feel better now. Smile AND I GET TO SEE MY BABY IN 6 HOURS!!!!!!!

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yay!!!! Can't wait to hear what is baking in there!! Sending lots of girl vibes your way!

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Definate open leg vibes coming your way! I hope it isnt bronchitis, I get it every winter and it is NOT fun! I hope it bypasses me this year because I would hate to be 9 months along w bronchitis. Cant wait for your update tonight!

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Awesome! Many open leg vibes for you! And I hope you feel better soon!


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Lots of :babydustpink: to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am rooting for you b/c I also have 2 boys and really want a girl!

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Thanks Kasey! Looks like our kids are about the same in age gaping. Smile Sending you lots of Pink dust too!!!! Hopefully we will both get our girls this time. Wink

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Yay for your first u/s and peek at baby Biggrin

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Good Luck!!! Can't wait to hear!!