Is tomorrow here yet? lol

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Is tomorrow here yet? lol

I FINALLY have my first appointment tomorrow and I'm so excited and SO ready for it to just get here already.

Just had to say that because I'm going crazy with waiting. lol.

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Yay for first apts Smile

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I have my 1st apt tomorrow too. I can't wait it seems like it will never get here. Good Luck tomorrow. Looking forward to an update.

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I am so excited for you both!! I can't even imagine having to wait this long. Do you think you will both have sizing u/s?

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Probably no u/s for me unless the midwife thinks it's necessary. I'm not worried about size as both my babies have been fine size wise and actually small in the end and I know my dates exactly so unless there's another reason for an u/s I'll wait until 20 weeks.

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I remember the wait! Gosh, it seems like forever!

Good luck!

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yay for 1st appts! i feel bad for complaining was my 2nd and it seemed like forever! I didn't have an u/s with my 1st b/c i knew my exact dates and am kinda glad i don't know with this one (or my last one) so i get a dating scan, hehe. hope it goes well!!!

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yay! tomorrow is my first appt too with the midwife and i know what you feels like forever!!! KUP!

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Oh my goodness! I would have NO patience! So excited for everyone having their first appointment! Good luck and KUP!!!

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hope your appointments go well ladies!

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Enjoy your first appointments ladies!!! Can't wait to hear all about it Smile

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Tomorrow is my first appointment too! My first real one anyways!

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Hope u all have great appointments today! KUP!

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Good Luck to those with appoitments this week.. Looks like there is alot of you.. I can not wait for updates.. (HUGS)

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