Tomorrow is or blue??

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Tomorrow is or blue??

Tomorrow is the big or blue??? * We have our u/s in the morning but won't tell the kids until evening via cake with pink or blue filling. Mainly, I don't want dd disappointed or upset at the dr if she is having a third brother, though dh and I don't mind either way. *At least this way she'll get a consolation piece of cake. *:) And I also have it set up with a bakery in my il's state to have a cake with the right filling color and my mil is picking it up for them and they'll all be there for dinner and dessert tomorrow night. *Wish us luck...and a cooperative child!*

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Enjoy your visit! I am having my level 2 ulrtrasound this morning too, so excited!!

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Oh yay!!! Good luck today I hope baby cooperates Smile

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Good luck!

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Good luck!! I hope your dd gets a little sister!!! Can't wait to hear!

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We had our u/s and baby did cooperate! Results to come in cake form tonight! I'll keep you all on the edge of your seats all day mhwahaha Smile

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Exciting!! Smile and how neat that you're doing a cake for your in-laws too!!

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Congrats holly, but geez.....we don't even get a piece of cake =/ why do we have to wait?
lmao....have fun!

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Posts: 1007 have to wait because it will be more fun with a pic! Since I don't have any gender u/s pics--we told the tech that we were keeping it from the kids so she made it discreet--since the older 2 can read whatever she typed up to print for us.

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aww I can't wait for the update :).

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Can't wait to hear the update!

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Can't wait to see your updateeeeeeeeeeeeee Smile