U/S pics and name..

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U/S pics and name..

Introducing....Emily Grace!

DH and I decided on the name this morning. It's always been a contender but the more and more I hear it I love it. Grace is also my middle name. We are trying to decide between Grace and Lorraine (family name) but I think Grace sounds prettier. We are so excited!

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I guess I'm considered a lurker now.....

But LOVE Emily Grace. Congrats on your little princess.

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Great name and such a cutie!

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Yay for your Girl and what a beautiful name!

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LOVE the name!!! What a beautiful profile!!

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What a great pic and a beautiful name! Congrats!

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Awww. What a adorable profile ;). I just love the name u guys picked. Congrats !!

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Congrats on the little girl, love the name Smile

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It's a wonderful name Angela. I am so excited for you & your boys!!

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So happy for you lovely!!!!
And a wonderful choice of name!!

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Thanks everyone!!! Smile

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HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!! YAY!! Congrats!!!!!!

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How did I miss this?

What a beautiful name. Congratulations!

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CONGRATS!! Love her name!! Biggrin