U/s today

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U/s today

Maya is still a girl Smile lol. The tech was able to get the rest of the measurements today even though she was being difficult again. Last time her spine was shadowing her heart and this time she kept putting her hands in the way lol. She LOVES her hands! She had them up near her face the whole time. She is currently heads up lol, her head is about an inch or two under my boobs which explains why I am getting thumps above my belly button now lol. Tech said it could be a foot or a hand because her feet were near her head as well. How these babies can be comfy like that I will never know. She is currently 14oz which is small for me lol my son was already over a lb at this point Smile the tech said she is growing great through which I'm happy with. I got some really good pics so I figured i would share Smile I have my OB apt Tuesday so hopefully all is well which I have no reason to believe it's not other than I'm sure I'll get lectured about my weight again since I think I have gained this time Beee oh well. Anyways, here are pics of little miss Maya Smile


More face

And her cute little profile, I think she's adorable already Smile

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What great pictures! Yay for still being a girl!

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Great pic Lisa ;). Loved the name you picked out. She is absolutly adorable Wink

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What a cutie! Sweet about her hands.

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Cute pics!