u/s today with mixed results (m/c ment)

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u/s today with mixed results (m/c ment)

I had a follow up u/s today, 12 days after my ER visit with the pain in my side. Baby is in the uterus (in case you didn't read the other post) but had measured 5w6d 12 days ago. A follow up u/s was scheduled for today to see the hb and check my cyst (causing the pain). Today we saw a hb at 124bpm but I am only measuring 6w5d. So 6 days of baby growth in 12 actual days. I was VERY concerned about this (especially since I lost a pregnancy in Jan at 14w when baby didn't grow, stayed between 5-6 weeks size and hb was around 90bpm). The u/s technician told me that the measurements are very accurate in the 1st trimester. The nurse I spoke with afterwards thought it wasn't a big deal. Based on when I Oed I think I am 8w along. Then the nurse suggested I remain "cautiously optimistic" and scheduled a followup u/s next Monday to check on the baby's growth. I booked the appt but think I will cancel and book a normal 1st prenatal visit and just call if anything happens (bleeding, pain, etc). I do have some photos of the little one. I read a scientific study that if the hb between 6.3 and 7w is over 120bpm the chances of m/c are 9.1%. I am afraid I will just freak out if I have another u/s and I just can't handle it. Is it too much to ask for a normal pregnancy and healthy baby? I hope not. Anyway, thanks for reading and I appreciate the opportunity to vent.

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I'm sorry that it wasn't all as good as you hoped, but it sounds hopeful that your nurse wasn't super concerned. I will be keeping you in my thoughts that you get more reassurance at your next visit. I know how hard it is to not worry and just try to have faith in your body after a loss. :bighug:

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That would shatter me too Sad I'm sorry, and praying next Monday shows a stronger healthier babe Smile

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I'm so sorry your having to go through this. I hope Monday gives you great answers.

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Sending hugs and lots of prayers, I hope next monday you get a def. answer.

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Nicole, I am so sorry it wasn't as great as hoped for. Bit, you did have grwth, you have a good, solid HB, and a nurse who isn't really concerned. All things are definitely in your favor.

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You and your baby are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope your future appointment brings only good news... :bigarmhug:

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I'm sure this is really hard for you and huge hugs going your way. BUT I disagree with the "u/s "guesses" are really accurate with growth in the first tri" comment. Each baby grows at a different rate and each mom grows baby's different. There is no "accurate" way of growing a baby. I grow my baby's really fast in the first tri. They always measure about a week ahead, then by the end of the pregnancy, third tri, they are measuring behind. I would say with a good strong heart beat in the 120's things are looking good, and like PP have said there IS growth.

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Growth is good, keep in mind that different u/s have different strengths, software calculations, etc. so that could explain a little difference in the growth. Hopefully Monday will give you more confidence but the heartbeat is GOOD!!!! :bigarmhug:

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sorry that you are having to go through all this worry! :bigarmhug:

stay strong, i know it's really hard not to let your mind go into that "what if" place, but try to stay positive...it sounds like things are working in your favour! i'll be thinking of ya.

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The other girls covered what I was going to say. I hope you get great news at your next appt and you can alleviate your fears.

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Krista - I think you're right - I even read online that even though the first tri ultrasounds are considered the most accurate for dating, they have an error rate of about 1.2 weeks. And I can tell you that with my first, they actually moved my due date back from June 15th to June 28th based on the ultrasound, even though I knew I couldn't have gotten a BFP when I did based on their dates. But after the first tri, my son always measured about 2-3 weeks ahead of the new due date, and he was born on June 9th, so 3 weeks early from the new due date, but the nurses told me that he was testing at a full 40 weeks (don't know exactly what tests they use to measure that.) So anyway, I agree with Krista, I don't think those ultrasounds are quite as exact as they like to say.

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Thanks everyone. I am feeling better about it today. I am still not sure I want to go in next Monday for another u/s but I will decide later. In the meantime I am focusing on work, my family and planning my sister's bachelorette party this weekend! I just ordered some fun games from Amazon. I plan to tell the girls I have a UTI (to explain why I am not drinking) as I just don't want to tell everyone yet. Thanks for all of your supportive comments, it's nice to talk about it and DH just doesn't get it, you know?

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:bigarmhug: Praying you get some good news on Monday.

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Hang in there! I know it must be tough and I'm sorry that you're having to go through this. Sending T&P your way!