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Just what a momma with morning sickness almost 6 year old puking! No school for Robbie today and we have a ton of stuff to get done today with getting a new (to us) car....

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aaaaaaaw hope your little guy feels better soon. :bigarmhug:

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Aw man! That really stinks. I don't think I could handle it if anyone was puking around me right now. :bighug:

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Im so sorry! Hope little man feels better soon.

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Yeah, my 6 yo had the same thing a couple of weeks ago. I think it's just going around, change of season and all. Hope he's feeling better!

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I hope Robbie feels better!

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(((HUGS)))) I have 6 children, and we went just went through an entire week of kids throwing up. Glad it's over.. It was no fun!