Ultrasound results

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Ultrasound results

Just got back from my ultrasound, baby looks great. And we found out that its a little boy. Biggrin We are very excited, and now I will have a lot of clothes shopping to do for this little one.

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Congrats on the little boy! I think that brings the boy total up to 8 now while the girl still sits down at 5.

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Congrats! Boys are awesome! (and IMO, though I love my dd, so much easier than girls! LOL)

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Congratulations Christine! YAY for a boy Biggrin

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Congrats on the little boy!

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Congratulations on your boy!!

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Congrats on your healthy little boy!!

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Congrats on a Boy!!

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Thanks all, we were a little in shock when they told us, we were thinking boy, but we thought boy for our DD too.

"~HollyBear~" wrote:

Congrats! Boys are awesome! (and IMO, though I love my dd, so much easier than girls! LOL)

This makes me feel a little less anxious, every person I know has said boys are so much harder than girls, because they have so much energy.

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Ok, so they are energetic (well at least some--I have a very mellow 7 year old boy who has NEVER been a handful and a very energetic 3 year old boy who gets into a lot). BUT, girls are EMOTIONAL! That's what makes them hard. Good grief, you'd think the world was ending with all the drama that my dd can dish out! And she's only 5!

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Congrats and welcome to TEAM BLUE!!!

I only have sons and I can tell you I often hear that boys are so much easier than girls or that people would rather have multiple boys than girls. Honestly, I think it just has to do with the child's personality and the parents, too.

Boys can be rambunctious but so can girls. I do think boys tend to be a bit more fearless but I've seen just as many girls that way, too. Ultimately, it's just different parts. Wink

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Congrats on your baby boy!!! Boys are soooo much fun Smile

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YAYYYY Congrats and welcome to TEAM BLUE Smile

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Congrats on your boy! I agree with the other ladies boys are lots of fun!!

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Congrats on your boy!

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Congrats on your little boy!!!

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Congrats ! Biggrin