ultrasounds to find out gender?

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ultrasounds to find out gender?

Is anyone else still waiting to get their gender ultrasound? I feel like im behind everyone! We go on the @9th. We r really hoping and feelings girl but im nervous to b wrong. Dh and I both really want a girl since we already have a boy. Cross ur help fingers for us!

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There are definitely ladies here that haven't found out - I believe only 10 of us have. I had mine early because 1. I'm due Jan 1 and 2. I paid for an elective scan at 15w6d. Otherwise my big gender scan would be this coming Monday.

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I'm still waiting. I'm having mine on the 6th. It seems forever away and we are in the same boat as you guys. Having strong strong feelings it's a girl and we REALLY REALLY want a girl but I'm nervous about them telling me it's another boy.

I hope we both get our wish and get blessed with little girls!

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I'm still waiting as well...appointment is on the 2nd. I am also nervous because although I know I will love my child no matter what since I think this will be my last child I really want a girl so that I can have a taste of both. Can't wait to find out! Sending you girl vibes!!!

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I'm still waiting for an appointment date, they said on Friday they faxed over the order for the level 2 ultrasound and should hear something Monday or Tuesday, but here is Wednesday and no call :confused: so it looks like I have to call them again to see what the hold up is.

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They won't do mine until I'm 20 weeks so I have 5 more weeks to go!!

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Mine isn't til August 25th. We were very very tentatively told boy...but I'm not counting on that answer as it was only at 12 weeks and who knows at that point how accurate the guess was.

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I have mine sept 1st--right at 20 weeks. so only about 3 weeks away!

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We were told maybe boy, so we won't have confirmation until the 1st. Seems like you're not alone!

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Ours isn't until the 23rd. I am starting to get very impatient now, but still have a few weeks to go

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Mine is on Spet 1st so still waiting too. I had a few ultrasounds but never any talk about gender that those appts and it was probably too soon anyway.

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I havn't had my 2nd u/s yet - i feel the way you do , everyone seems to have found out on the December board and I am still waiting. We only have one place in the city so they couldn't fit me in till Aug 23rd- 21 weeks by then. So patiently waiting...

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I have mine on Sept. 2 I hope they can tell because I feel I really need to know with this one. This will be my last baby and since it has been 10 years since I had my last I feel totally unprepared. My feelings change from boy to girl. We have 1 boy and 2 girls so it doesn't matter I just really want a healthy baby. The wait is killing me.

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Mine is not until next Thursday (I'll be 19w 2d).. you are not alone.