up 24 hours and counting

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up 24 hours and counting

Ok so im losing my mind and feel horrible for even saying this. We have been up 24 hours. I dont even know what is wrong. Ive changed his diaper, Ive fed him a million times, Ive done skin to skin kangaroo care, Ive even given him a pacifier which i didnt want to do. Ive stoof up and swayed back and forth, ive rocked ina chair, i took his temp which is 98.1 (he still is running low) I started thinking maybe it was his penis that is making him uncomfortable. I think its still swollen but im not sure; it may look normal and I dont really have anyone out here i can have look at my sons penis. I made a drs appointment for tmw. I called my mom crying cause im frustrated. He isnt screaming or anything so I dont think its colic. He is just fuzzy and whines and you can tell something is bothering him. My mom said that he can probably sense the stress thats been circulating and just needs his mommy. Thank the lord that last night I went to babie r us and bought a moby wrap.#1 because it was cheaper, #2 it said it would fit a premie, #3 looked way more comfortable besides the ergo baby but i just cant spend 110$ on a carrier. Cash loves this thing. I got home last night and was learning how to put it on and of course my grandparents were extremely concerned because they somehow think that I am unable to do anything on my own.I had cash in for an hour then I just put him in right now and this is the oinly time he has been peaceful. Oh and to soothe him ive also swaddled him as well, help me; please. Is it helthy to just keep him in the moby wrap?

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I would take him out of the wrap to feed and change diapers but I don't see any harm in keeping him in it while you are awake for other things. My moby wrap is a lifesaver when I am home alone with both kids.

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im really happy he loves it and its really comfortable for me.

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Just take him out for feedings and changes and some skin to skin. It should be fine, I plan on carrying the baby around most the time in the sling, they really like the feeling.

Maybe he is having a growth spurt and just needs to be held, you could try some gripe water maybe it's gas.

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this may sound weird, but my son really relaxed to the sound of the hair dryer / vacuum cleaner. Glad the wrap is working!

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One thing I don't think you mention was gas. Perhaps he needs those drops. Also go to the local Liberary and rent happiest baby on the block.. Its amazing to see how the fVe (s's) work. Good luck

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Well its been a long day. His poor tummy is really messed up. He wouldnt stop crying. He would have episodes every 15 min so I called the ped and she heard him and said to bring him in cause it def sounded like he was in pain. I brought him in and from a baby that never cries he sure was making up for it all and he was so upset he was shaking. She was concerned that his bowels were twisted and she was sending us over to the hospital. Right when I got him in the car seat BAM he was fine. hasnt cried since. back to the baby he was. she said to bring him home and let him sleep and if he starts having episodes again then to take him to the hospital. So on the way home i stopped and bought him a swing as a feel better present. He seems to love it. Im just keeping an eye on him and making sure hes ok

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ahh poor guy- Sophia loves the moby wrap too, and her swing. Sometimes she gets gassy so we do some leg bends to help. Hopefully he feels better and you don;t have to take him in. Sometimes they just need a change of scenery. I put sophia on the floor today on her blanket , some toys just above her and she stared for awhile!

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My daughter stayed in the Moby Wrap her first few months of her life! She was a high needs baby! If you are breastfeeding you might try cutting dairy out of your diet or change formulas.

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Awww poor little guy Sad My son was colicky and boy the first few months were tough! The swing was a lifesaver for us and gas drops too, then he was diagnosed with acid reflux and put on meds and he was a whole different baby. Hope he feels better soon!

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Nathan was very colicky too and I shed almost as many tears by his 4th month as he did. It's tough on a new mom! Hopefully it's not colic or anything more serious and just a growth spurt or something.

One thing that helped with a gassy belly was leg manipulation. Massaging belly and bicycling legs followed by fully folding baby's legs to chest.

Another thing that works great to calm a crying baby is LOUD sound. We had a whole mix of hairdryer, vacuum, dryer, etc.... that we played for Nathan every night at bedtime. I made a track that is about 30 minutes long that starts really loud and gradually decreases in volume until it stops. Really loud music works well to stop a crying baby too.

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Sorry meant to post earlier but was fully occupied with the same thing. DS is 5 weeks old and after every feed starts crying like crazy, inconsolably for and hour or more. As soon as he poops he's back to normal. I am going to try cutting dairy from my diet to see if it helps. I carry him in a wrap ( not a moby but a woven, even though I'd like a Moby) and I think it''s fine. He loves it most of the time but not when he's already in a crying fit. Good luck!!! I know it's brutal but I am sure it gets better and you're doing amazing!

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Well he sure was constipated. I ended up having to give him an enema and was recommmended apple juice. hes now back to normal. Still fussing but I think now its normal baby fussing because his bilirubin is down so he isnt tired all the time anymore and now is his birthdate so im sure ir has something to do with it. thanks for checkin in ladies

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poor little guy! and poor mommy!!! glad he's feeling better, and hopefully you can get some rest now.