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Hi ladies !

We will all be having our babies soon and I'm soo excited! Instead of complaining about being uncomfortable we will get to complain about sleepless nights with babies!

I had a doc appointment yesterday and I have gained absolutely nothing in the last 3 weeks. So far I've only gained 10lbs in the whole pregnancy. Although my doc said that he does not want me to worry he is sending me for a growth ultrasound this Friday to make sure that baby is growing properly. I am trying not to worry since I only gained 14 lbs with my son so I dont feel that I am way off but I'm still worried that she is not growing enough and will have to get delivered early.

Are any of you in similar situations?

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I haven't gained any weight and my doc said that was perfectly fine. I have always measured just fine and baby is always super active with a great HR so he has never said anything or been concerned. Even when I go in and have lost a pound or two, it's the same.

I love my doc for being so calm and laid back but I'm would also love a late term u/s!

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I've gained about 25 pounds and am measuring 4 weeks behind. My midwife isn't worried, though I admittedly am. I have an ultra sound scheduled for the 22nd to check on the position of placenta and I'm sure they will check baby's size as well. With that being said, weight gain doesn't mean big or small baby. And unless there really is something wrong with the placenta or baby's growth don't let them push you into an early delivery, "because baby will grow better outside." Unless there truly is something wrong baby grows best inside mom. I had a friend who's dr did this to her and, even though baby was growing at a normal rate just small, she ended up having a 4 pound baby that took a month to gain 9oz. But the 2 weeks before that while in the womb was gaining 6oz a week. So as long as everything looks good and healthy and baby is just small don't let them push you to have the baby early.

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Glad to hear you are doing good Smile

I have not gained anything this pregnancy nothing! I have lost, but my dr really isn't worried about it, I thought I was but I guess no matter what the baby will get what she needs. I do have an ultrasound again next week. But if she isn't worried I am not. I am sure everything is fine. KUP on your u/s!

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Just wanted to say good luck tomorrow and let us know the u/s results. I
My friend only gained 8 lbs with her pregnancy- I think she lost a bunch of weight at the beginning gained some back, but her baby was 5lbs 8 oz but healthy.
I have gained 50 lbs this pregnancy- dr says baby doesn't seem to big- She had mentioned sending me for another u/s for size but nothing has been booked as of yet and I go in for the section in 15 days. The girls in our family don't have big weights- they are usually 5 lb8 oz- 6 lbs 12oz.