Update on DH (OT)

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Update on DH (OT)

Dh went today and had another CT done alone with an apt with the neurologist. The blood on his brain is pretty much gone! yay! He has a little swelling still but thats completely normal. Dr said it should be all better in the next couple weeks and if his hand doesnt get better they will start therapy but as of now they arent thinking he needs it because it is improving on its own. He has an apt next wednesday to meet with the hematologists because some blood levels were a little elevated and he should have had an apt with them anyways. Then the following wednesday he has an MRI to check the vessels and FINALLY on June 1 he has to meet with the Dr one last time. June 1st was my first prenatal apt but i called and cancelled today because they started at 1215 and his apt is at 1 and its in Toledo which is about 45 mins to an hr from where we live. The nurse is going to call tomorrow to reschedule. Hopefully the will be able to get me in earlier Wink I really want to see my baby(ies) lol. Everyone is trying to jinx me w twins . ill keep you ladies updated with the other apts Smile

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Glad to hear that he's doing better! You live near Toledo? I lived in Fostoria in high school and graduated from there.

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Oh really? We live in Findlay, about half hour from there. My husband has lived here and I just moved here in February

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Glad to hear he is doing better!

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Glad to hear your hubby is doing well. :bigarmhug:

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So glad to hear he is doing better!

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I'm so glad he is recovering so well. :bigarmhug: