Used breast pump.. Whats your take on it?

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Used breast pump.. Whats your take on it?

Hello Ladies,

I just thought I would ask how you all feel about used breast bumps? I have very mixed reviews but the price seems to be great.. BUTTTTTTTTTT hmmm not sure if it is the best way to go. I can buy the tubes and cup thingys new.

Good Deal or NO?

Medela Duel pump (back pack)
5 years old and was used in Feb for 2 months.

Whatcha think?

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Basically all the parts used in a breast pump can be boiled and sanitized and those that can't, like you said, can be bought new. Medela breast pumps are the best out there but new they are SO expensive. If you want the best and are okay with a used one then I say go for it. I personally couldn't do a used one even knowing that I could completely sanitize everything by boiling or buying new parts. I bought a lansinoh one when I had my first and used it a few times with him and several times with my second. It still works but sounds like it's getting warn out. But it still works great.

If you will be doing a lot of pumping you need to make sure to find one that you will love though. I know it sounds silly but some are more gentle on the breast then others and if you pump a lot you want one that has good reviews from exclusive pumpers. I only pumped when I was engorged and maybe every few days to get a bit of a supply in my freezer so abut any pump will work for me as long as it gets the milk out.

I say if you are okay with it go for it because knowing what little I do know about a medela you wont beat that price for such a good pump.

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Medela pumps the milk does not go inside of them which makes them safe to use again. You can buy all new tubes and parts that would be the best thing. The only thing I would worry about is a pump that is 5yrs old the suction? Did anyone else use it besides the person selling it? I know some women on the bf board talk about the suction in their pumps not being so good on older pumps.

That is a great deal on a pump though! Just ask about the suction!

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For me, not worth the hassle of buying new parts that can't be sterilized as well as the 'mommy concern' that I missed something that has been sitting there for 5 years. But that's just my take.

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I was very much an anti-used pump person until I owned my own and saw that the milk only goes into the cup. I had a playtex and hated it so I returned it for the Medela. Made all the difference in the world! Then my BFF offered me her old Medela that was once her cousins, then hers and now she was giving it to me. I jumped on it and never looked back. I bought all new tubing and cups and used it right away. I had one at work and one at home and a manual Medela in my car for times when I didn't have a way to plug in.

I'm not sure I would buy a used one from a stranger - not sure why - but Medela (IMO) is the best brand out there and if you want one but don't want to spend the money then I would say go for it. They are so expensive - although worth it!

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I wouldn't hesitate using a used pump from someone I know...but wouldn't want to use one from a stranger.

I bought a used one on E-bay last time around, but it had a musty smell, so I never trusted it and ended up buying a new one anyway.