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The past couple days have NOT been good at all! My husband got paid yesterday and went into the bank and he cashed his check and then deposited everything into the account, he get paid half cash, half check. He goes to the ATM and deposits it, it says it cant read all the bills so put in the amount, so he puts in the amount which is $1077.00 and the stupid ATM only counts 300 and deposits that much into our account and does give the money back! Where did out $777 go?! So he goes into the bank and the person said they have to file a claim and we should have the money within 24 hours. Today rolld by and no money! We go up there and they say they have no access to the ATM's so we have to wait until the company comes out and count the money and it can take up to 10 days, really?! She said what probably happened was a bill got stuck in there and caused it to malfunction, I am CONSTANTLY on my husbands *** about keeping his money neat because he freaking bunches it up and it looks like sh!t and im pretty sure this is what he did so I am putting all blame on him! So here we are stuck with maybe $150 for possibly the next two weeks and my sons preschool tuition is due along with our cable/internet/phone bill PLUS my truck needs new tires which is why he got his check cashed in the first place. Why he just didnt keep the cash out and pay in cash I will never know. He was really ticks me off sometimes because he doesnt think and something always happens! My friend said she has had the same thing happen at a different bank and it usually took about 3 days but legally they have 10 and knowing the way our luck is they are going to say they cant find the money. I seem to be the only one stressing about it, he doesnt even seem like he cares if we get it back or not Sad UGH! I hate being stressed like this. Thanks for listening.

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Oh no! That is terrible! Hope the bank resolves the issue quickly!

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oh no! I hope you get your money back fast but with the holiday weekend hopefully that won't slow things down.

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Sorry sounds stressful.. Good luck I'm sure everything will work out Smile

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Thanks ladies, I am really hoping we have it by at least Wednesday.

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Dang, that really sucks--sorry Sad Hope it gets worked quickly!