Are we just paranoid?

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Are we just paranoid?

So my morning sickness has basically been gone for about a week now, and I'm not as far as some of you ladies and it just worries me... based on my u/s i'm due right around feb 1st (but due to c-section it will definately be a jan baby so i'm staying here!) but the point is im not even close to the 2nd trimester, should I be happy the ms is gone or worried?:confused:

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Yep, I say be happy you feel great right now. It'll probably pop back up in a few days or so...usually does! Wink If it makes you feel any better, I've had barely any nausea or queasiness this time around. I count the occurrences on one hand. Every pregnancy is different.

And though I know it makes people feel better to have it, it's no reassurance, really. I wouldn't take m/s being gone as a bad thing or sign, either. Seems to me your body is probably just getting more used to dealing with those hormones. Smile

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Mine really went away at 10 weeks. At the same time it happened to me, I noticed almost everyone on the board who was at approx. 10 weeks was also saying it was basically gone. This really calmed me down. Especially after reading that HCG levels often begin to drop at 10 weeks, as the placenta takes over.

You're right on track!

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Mine went away around then, it likes to come back every so often but nothing like it used to be. Enjoy the time without sickness Biggrin