Wearing baby

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Wearing baby

Thank goodness for my moby wrap! I bought it for Oakley since the bjorn I had with the others hurt my back and we both just love it! I can get a lot done and Oakley will sleep in it!

Anyone else wear thier baby?

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I have tried, I bought a becco, and it is really comfortable for me. Daniel doesn't like to be vertical though he prefers to be horizontal, so I haven't been able to use it that much yet. I am hoping that he starts liking it soon though, because I am planning on using it a lot when we have to leave the house.

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I've used the moby once. It's hard to use with James' cast....though I imagine it's going to be even harder with the brace. I hope to figure it out though because James really won't let me put him down for more than 3 minutes.

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Amber--I wonder if the ladies on the baby wearing board might have some ideas on how to use the moby with James' cast. The are more experienced than I am and I've been lurking over there a bit. Because I have the same 3 minute timer installed in my baby and the moby has been so nice!

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I love my moby although it gets really hot with that and her in it. I really only use it when she is really cranky and wants to be held. So I put her in that and have my hands free. I also wear it at places where I don't want other people to hold or touch her. LOL...works like a charm.

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We have an ergo and I love it! She likes to sleep on my chest so it works perfect and she doesn't care to be upright! I am excited to use it out and about!!!

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I love my moby for when we go for walks around the neighborhood and to visit friends. Also DH is going to start using our Ergo when he is out with both kids alone.

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I also have an Ergo and I love it ! Joshua loves to be walked around a lot, so it's nice to be able to just put him in the carrier and have my hands free to do other things. He always falls asleep in it, so I guess he is pretty comfortable in there. Wink