Wedding ring gender test

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Wedding ring gender test

I know lame, but hey it's just for fun anyway. I tried it and it gave me the same result everything has given me, "girl". I even had my 3 year old hold the string so I wouldn't influence it, he held really still btw. Still waiting for the ultra sound to prove everything of course, but the date for that is finally set. All the charts minus one have said girl, baking soda test, gender quiz, heart rate, ring test. So far everything seems to be pointing towards girl. The heart rate was in the upper 150's lower 160's last night when DH and I listened to it and it has never dropped below mid 150's so far. BUT DH's heart rate was always in the 150's- 160's when his mom was pregnant with him, so i'm not banking on anything, but man I hope everything is right!

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No ring test this time but it wrong with DS#4 as was heartrate (his HR was always above 150's. Besides, I think I've read the HR is more for the end of pregnancy. But again, even with DS#1, the day he was delivered, his HR was in the high 150's.

All the prediction sites said 90% chance girl with DS#4 but I didn't do any of the other 'tests'. With this little guy, sites said 80%chance girl and everything said girl from the gender charts to the cabbage and baking soda. Nope, all boy. And his HR has always been in the 150's.

No help there, sorry. Boy or girl, I hope you have a healthy, happy baby who is the perfect new member of your family.

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Kridda - I have heard about that test but never tried it. Can you remind me how it works?

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You tie a string around your wedding ring and hold it over your belly. If it turns in circles it's a girl if it swings back and forth it's a boy.

If it's another boy I will be thrilled, don't get me wrong. I love my boys to death but I've always craved a little baby girl of my own to hold. As long as it's a happy and healthy baby I will be ecstatic!

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tried this one twice & it always says girl. There is another that u place it over the palm of your hand & after it tells u. U do it again & again till it stops. It tells u each if your kids. With my twins it was correct Included the pregnancy before that one. Girl, girl, boy
it is fun trying Wink