Weekly Belly pics 8/15-8/21

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Weekly Belly pics 8/15-8/21

Most of us are getting pretty good belly's by now so show them off ladies!!!!

16 weeks. I seem to pop every other week.

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This was yesterday at 16 weeks 6 days-so 17 weeks Blum 3

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still not much of a belly to show.... Ill try to take one later today. I wish I would just pop already so that I can take some pictures where I actually look pregnant

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17 weeks on the dot.

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You guys all look amazing! I wish I didn't just look fat still, lol! Wink

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You ladies look awesome!

Krista- You are starting to really pop! cute!

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Thanks Marcia! I'm glad I'm finally starting to get a belly but most people still can't believe i'm pregnant or that I'm 16 weeks along.

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Here is my 17 week, I feel like im WAY bigger then i should be!!!



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19 weeks Smile Sorry for the blurry pic

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Here's me at 20.5 weeks:

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Everyone is looking so good!! I feel like I am SO MUCH bigger than most of you. Maybe it's b/c I carry so high.

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Everyone is looking great! I need to get a picture up here!!