Weekly Belly Thread - 8/8 - 8/14

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Weekly Belly Thread - 8/8 - 8/14

Hope no one minds me starting this week's belly thread. I haven't shared in a while.

Me at 16 weeks.

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I'll take one and post it later - after more people post so I don't look like I am 9 months compared to you. LOL I'm up 13 lbs already :eek:

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flump....it all came out

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Whoa Jamie and Amber! You guys popped!!! Smile Looking good

I'm slack on belly pics....maybe this Friday I'll have one since I'm 20 weeks.

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It looks like I shrunk but I know I didn't as my pants are even tighter than they were last week. I think my belly just spread out rather than being big at the bottom.

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Here's mine, can't u tell I love my nitey Smile it's so comfy lol

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Here's mine from this morning. I'm in my 19th week.

Click for ginormous.

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Definitely felt the pop lol