Welcome your host team!

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Welcome your host team!

Hi all!

We are pleased to announce your new hosts as Ashly (Mommyin0406080912‎) and Nathalie (Chloe&Matt)! I have had the privilege of working with both of these ladies and know that they will make a terrific team for your board!

Please help them make this board a continued success through your participation, suggestions, ideas, and support! I know that they will welcome it all!

Congratulations to all those that are now holding their new additions! I have greatly enjoyed seeing all the sweet pictures and look forward to watching your family grow!

For those still in waiting, I send you wishes for ELV's and a wonderful birthing experience!

Thank you all for sharing your journey to and through parenthood with us here at Pregnancy.org!

All the best!
~Missy (missyj@pregnancy.org)

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Thanks Missy. I couldn't have picked a better co-host. Biggrin

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:DThank you!! And yes what a great co-host! It will be fun!!!