Well the good news is...

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Well the good news is...

That I didn't waste an FRER....
The bad news is that I probably have to reschedule that stupid pap I have scheduled for today and that I passed on DTD with DH last night due to said pap...

*insert f word here*

HH9M all!!!!

(Why does my ticker not say CD1 yet?)

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This makes me a sad panda. I was really pulling for you guys this month!

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Oh boo! Sorry, Mindie. I hope February brings you two pretty lines.

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Sorry to hear AF came.

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Sorry Mindie! Good luck for next month!

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Dang it. I was hoping you would be here. Good luck for February!

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With my cycles being stupid, DH and I decided that I would go on Yaz for a couple months. I went ahead to my doctor's appointment and just got a physical. My BP is cooperating great and all my blood work was perfect. My cycles keep getting shorter and shorter though and we need to get them normal again. Sooo...TTC is on hold for at least 2 months. Maybe I can try for a May or June baby? I am kinda bummed, but I think it will be for the best. Now, I am off to find some snazzy blinkie..LOL