Well, on to January....

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Well, on to January....

AF showed late, (the jerk). We are just about to hit our 6th year mark of TTC, but I refuse to give up. We will be doing another round of injectibles, and hopefully an IUI this time, (we have just been doing timed BDing) Oh, yeah I am Carissa DH RJ, we have 2 beautiful kiddos, and we are trying to complete our family with #3....So I guess that is it.....Baby dust to all!:babydustblue::babydustpink::blowingdustblue:

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Good luck Carissa!

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Good luck Carissa, I had no idea you have TTC'd for 6 years. I hope this month is the one!

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Good luck!! I hope this is the month for you

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Good luck Carissa! I hope this is the lucky cycle for you !