We're having a.....

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We're having a.....


Our DS is so excited to have a baby brother! I had a feeling is was a boy but everyone in the family will be suprised as they were sure I was having a girl. U/S went well and I have to go back in 3 weeks for additional heart chamber views as baby did not roll over for them.

So excited, am going to be the Mommy of TWO BOYS soon!

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YAY!!! Congratulations!!! Yahoo

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How exciting, congratulations!! Yahoo

I'm really happy that our little boy is getting a little brother too especially since he has three wonderful older sisters! Smile

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That's awesome! As you know - boys are amazing...I love mine Smile

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Congrats!! Boys are so awesome! I love mine too! (and easier than girls IMHO!) LOL

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Yaaaay!!! Congratulations!!! :woohoo:

Man, that's a lot of boys on this board...

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Yay congrats :). Welcome to team BLUE Smile there sure are alot of us (hugs)

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Congratulations Renee!!

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Congrats on the little boy! All of us seem to have stubborn babies lol. I just went back wednesday to check Maya's heart because she wouldnt move the first time either lol.

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Congrats on your boy and welcome to team blue!!

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Okay....team blue is just taking over now. Hooray for another boy! Brothers are going to be so much fun!

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Congrats on a Boy!