What are all those weird threads?

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What are all those weird threads?

Someone is going across the birth boards with strange titles. Wth?

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Usually they are loaded with links. Probably a spammer and perhaps even a virus loaded On the links. I ignore them completely.

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Ah thanks will do...

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One of the administrators will eventually remove them, I'm sure.

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Yes... that sounds like spam unfortunately. It looks as though a bunch were removed but if we missed any, or you ever stumble across some in the future, then please drop me a pm and we can take care of it ASAP for you. And yes, as one of the pp's said, there's a very good chance that any links in a post like that could contain malware/viruses so we suggest no clicking on any... should somebody accidently do so, then we recommend running a virus scan just to be safe.


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Well, you guy's must be super fast and good at removing those cause I've been on here pretty much constantly and I didn't see a thing Smile

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Those site assistants and admins are quick! :giveflower: Gotta love 'em! Sometimes I think they can read our minds. . . :busted: Biggrin