What do you do.....

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What do you do.....

to help yourself unwind or relax at night?

Just curious as most of us are in the dreaded last 6 weeks of pregnancy, most miserable ones for me, and was curious what everyone else did to help. My can't live with outs are, heating pad, extra pillow, hypnobirthing tracks, warm/hot lavender baths, and back rubs. Once I get to the last 6 weeks those things are the only thing that keep me sane. Oh and my exercise ball to sit on and rock on to help my hips and back.

The past few days I've been a moody miserable pregnant women who just wants to be done with the pregnancy. I don't want Lukus to come early by any means and prefer he stay in but that doesn't mean I'm not done being uncomfortable. I just wish that I was closer to having this little one.

So what does everyone else do to help?

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I completely know where you are coming from! I have about 15 days and while I don't want him coming now, I am done...I am ready to have my body back.

I take a hot bath nightly. DH calls it boil the baby time. I also have addiction to chocolate covered espresso beans. They tend to take away all the tension, strange I know. Wink Otherwise, not much. I apply pressure where things hurt the worst, which is at the top of my belly, and I breathe really deep.

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I complain...a lot. I'm miserable. I'm always asleep by this time of night but I'm in so much pain today that I figured I'd stay up until I pass out. My tailbone and chest are killing me! I have tons of pillows on the bed but not even those help anymore. There really isn't much else that works for me these days.