what do you think?

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what do you think?

I feel kinda stupid writing this, as I have 4 children (ranging 2,6,8,10) however ...

april 18 did the deed with dh.
ovulated april 19-25.
period may 4 (3 days early and usually since jan have spotted 3 days prior but didn't this time around). short LIGHT 3 day period (usually 4-5 days heavy first couple days but then light 3rd day on)
24 day cycle average and here we are on May 31st and no period. Trying to figure the charts etc from various websites say I'm 3 days late and then one says i'm not due til tomorrow???
then, on Sun i had milk from my breast squeeze out when I was leaning on my breast against the table. this has never happened before unless I was breastfeeding!!!!

I'm 41. could it be early menopause or could I be pregnant????!!!!!!
I took a pregnancy test on May 15 because I was having symptoms of being preggo even though I just had my period. But it came out BFN...

I'm soooo confused!!!! should I go buy a test or wait til tomorrow?


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It sounds like it could just be a wonky cycle (I've had cycles as long as 52 days when my normal average is 30).

Hold out a few more days and then test again if nothing. More than likely though, it sounds to me like a weird cycle rather than preggo but weirder things have happened.

Good luck either way!

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Sounds to me like some weird stuff going on with your cycle. You can always wait a few days and test again but you really should get a BFP by now if you were pg.