What have you bought for baby?

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What have you bought for baby?

This baby is spoiled already! We weren't sure if we were going to find out the sex because I didn't want to know but hubby talked me into so tomorrow we will know but we have already shopped!

We bought a sit and stand stroller and a fisher price my little lamb papasan bouncer. Boppy pillow and 3 covers. LOTS of blankets can't even count! Lots of unisex sleepers and outfits from caters and gymboree but I kept all sales slips! 8 packs of diapers, lots of baby toys a bath tub and so much baby soap and lotions. I am sure there is more but I lost track. We really don't need too much. A swing and my car seat. My babies r us was sold out of the chicco color I wanted to I am waiting. Just some smaller stuff and we are good to go. Plus I am sure I will want pink or blue outfits! We are not doing a crib set I don't think they are needed we have a breathable bumper and thats it.

Ok so what have you bought? Smile

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I have bought 2 dresses for a little girl, so by golly this better be a girl!!! If it's another boy I might by a few new born outfits and see what I need that my other two boys have stained and start getting that. Other than that I'll just be getting diapers. If I do have a girl I probably wont get much as I have a friend throwing me a baby shower but if it's a boy I will need to get the things that need replacing.

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I've bought about 3 onesies. Oh, and a frame that her u/s pic is in.

My bf & I moved in together when we found out I was pregnant so I guess you could say a new place to live. =/

Next on my list....baby book. I keep having things happen I want to share w/ her & nowhere to jot them down.

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I have not bought a thing!

I have saved clothes from boy and girl so I don't really NEED anything clothes or blankets. I do plan on buying a few things though, but am not too stressed about it right now. I need a new crib mattress, mine has gone through 4 kids (my 14 yo BIL used it first, then my 3 kids) so it is really getting trashed--the plastic cover is shredding now. I also want a new glider/rocker. Mine is not comfy and I cannot get the squeak out and I've used it for all 3 kids so I just want a comfy one this time. I'm sure I'll get a few new outfits to replace some of the old ones from my kids, especially if this is a boy, as my boy stuff has gone through at least 2 boys, more for ones I received as hand me downs for my older son. I might also get a new swing or something--mine broke after ds2 used it, as it went through 3 kids too. Still have the bouncey seat though.

But we find out next Thursday boy/girl, so maybe I'll find at least a coming home outfit at that point--each of my kids have had their own. And I will also be buying the baby a new blessing/christening outfit if it is a girl--maybe if it is a boy as well. So far all of my kids have had their own, and I kind of want to continue that so I can pass their outfit down to them later on.

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What a great bunch of loot! I feel like such a slacker I haven't picked up anything yet! probably once I find out the baby sex I will start to shop!

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I haven't bought too much but I definitely have made my lists and I am pretty sure about those!

I just got Nash's new outfit that I ordered and I am so excited. It is so pretty and soft! And the matching hat!! I'll have to take pics later and post. I also got him a few other outfits but I recently went through all Rourke's clothes and I have TONS of outfits. I am such a fashion girl I really spared nothing with his clothes and I forgot how much I bought.

I also found TONS of NB diapers that I didn't know I had so that's nice, too.

I did buy a rocker last weekend from a consignment sale. I have already chosen the fabric to redo the cushions and it coordinates with the fabric I'll be using for the curtains and the fabric for the baby quilts, etc. I am sooooo excited to get sewing for my baby boy (and Rourke, too, as he'll be getting new bedding, too)!

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Christina reminded me of a few more to add to my list--bedding. I'll likely make some bedding to match dd's room since she will be sharing with baby. Her room is pink and green so I'll just do green if it's a boy. But the set I made for ds1 (and used twice more) won't match dd's room. I will also make other stuff--dresses for a girl especially!

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I just ordered a few newborn cloth diapers.

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Nothing yet....not one single thing. I do plan to stop by Target or Babies R Us after my ultrasound on Thursday once we find out the gender for sure. Will be picking up the going home outfit then.

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I havent bought anything Sad Anytime I pick something out my husbands responce is "we still have 4 months" Yeah well those 4 months are gonna fly by! lol. I do have a bag of clothes and a bumbo my cousin gave me if that counts. We also have all the big stuff picked out, just need to buy it because I never expect anyone to buy those off registries.

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I have gotten:

-Ergo carrier
-Moby wrap
-Decent amounts of clothes

I already have pretty much everything else that we NEED except for little things that aren't fun like bottle nipples and breastpump supplies. The only thing that we need that costs more than a few bucks is a new changing pad and cover because we still use the old one in Nick's room. I feel pretty prepared it is just a matter of getting everything organized and in one place Smile

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I haven't boughten anything, nor do I have anything left from my other little one. I think I feel like if I buy something it will finally be real!

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After our u/s we went to Target and I picked up a cute little sleeper w/ elephants on it that says Little Peanut. There are so many boys' clothes that I think they wreck w/ ugly appliques but thought this one really cute.

Other than that, we won't have to buy much out of the ordinary such as diapers, wipes, etc. as we have W's clothes and they'll be the same season. Yahoo I do want to knit up a couple of things for him though and we'll probably need to buy another car seat.

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I think my mom has bought/made more stuff for the baby than I have. She has bought some outfits but I think she may have more hidden away than she has actually shown me and once we find out the gender she'll buy even more. We received some hand me downs from my cousin like a vibrating seat, some knit hats, toys, etc. I've bought some random things here and there because they were a good deal or I was traveling and didn't think I could find the same thing again: baby carrier, some books, 2 stuffed animals, some baby toiletry items, a bottle and some nipples. We need to finish our master bathroom remodel before I can really get into shopping mode.

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Wow I fee like I went way overboard! The winters are bad here out in the country! we live in the snow belt so Dec through March are bad. Last year at one time there was over 3ft of snow and couldn't get out. So I guess I want to be prepared just in case something happens!