What nursery theme are you thinking about?

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What nursery theme are you thinking about?

I know it's early but I am already thinking about this!! I am going to do a cute monkey theme good for boy or girl. We will not be getting a crib set because bumpers are not safe and I have never bought a crib set so that is 1 expense we won't have but I can't wait to get started!!

So share your plans!!!

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For a little boy I'm not sure what we will do but for a little girl it will be lady bugs because my sister still has a fairly new crib set from my niece that I'll use.

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Rourke has a pirate theme and I am wanting the baby to share with him. (All our older boys have their own rooms and I am not asking them to share.)

If it's a boy, we're sticking with pirates and adding some underwater elements.

If it's a girl, we'll be adding mermaids and underwater theme to the pirates.

I don't really do baby theme, or things the child can't grow into so while they are baby friendly, my hope is that they will love the room for years since we have art and shelves that match the theme.

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With DS2 I just painted the room neutrals so I can use it for a girl or boy. It's a two toned brown theme. I got the wall sticky's that peel off and switch out. I have the blue and brown poke a dots and I will probably get the pink and brown ones for a girl. I don't get crib bedding so at most I will probably get some pink sheets and blankets and stuff if I have a girl. (i'm already wanting to talk about it like it's a for sure thing we are having a girl, oye, my mind is already made up I guess) But I'm hoping for a baby shower if I have a girl so I can get the stuff I need for a girl so all I will need to buy are the wall sticky's. Smile

I'm also the type of don't do anything that will need to be changed out in a couple years after they out grow it. Our kids will only have neutral paint and bedding that will grow with them, that they will hopefully wear out before they out grow it.

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Our babies always bunk with us, and then when they are older 6+ months they go into the baby/toddler bedroom. So unfortionately no nursery 'theme' here. But what we do works for our family.. I will just oooo and ahhhh over all your nurseries Smile

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I'm so set on this LO being a boy, I haven't even thought of what we'll do if we have another girl. Watch that come back to bite me in the you know what! I'm sure if its a girl we'll reuse DDs bedding. However, since it looks like there is no hope of selling our house, the nursery will be a combo nursery/guestroom. DDs crib set was pink and green so that might be hard to work around. We might have to go with something neutral till we get out of this house.

BUT....if we do get our little man this go around, we've picked this set!


DH is a huge outdoorsman. I like how its not your typical boy bedding. Plus, it will go the paint color we already have.

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We're going for "cramped apartment chic"

There is hardly any room in our apartment, so baby will camp out in DH and my bedroom for at least the 1st year. Then will room with Nathan until we can afford a bigger place. We purchased unisex just about everything last time knowing that we wouldn't want to spend the money again if we had a 2nd child. Everything will be re-used and re-loved.

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Well we have only 2 rooms so this baby will have to share with her. The room is large enough that that should not be a problem. Right now the room is very girly, with flowers, etc everywhere... I think should this baby be a boy we will decorate half the room in animals and leave DD with her flowers. Girl we won't change anything and I have all of DD's stuff to use still. Eventually we'd like to get bunk beds for them since I doubt we could sell our house any time soon.

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If we have a boy we are going to re-use Nicholas' stuff- Fisher Price Jungle Animal theme. We are going to keep the nursery the same (take off Nick's name from the wall though LOL) and then move Nicholas to his own big boy room. I'm thinking for Nick's big boy room yellow walls to match his new big boy bedding set from Target (animals).

If we have a girl, the guest room will turn into her bedroom. We will paint a girly color (probably purple!!!) and just get girly crib sheets and a breathable bumper. I will probably get some wall stickers with butterflys or flowers or something for the room.

We also got gender neutral everything except clothes and toys for Nicholas with the intent on re-using them. After this baby is done, off to the consignment sale they go!

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We're planning on using a mini crib, so there's not a lot of choices out there in the way of bedding. We'll probably do a stars/moon theme (I've found a lot of sheets with stars on them), or just colors for the bedding (teal/chocolate brown for boy, pink/chocolate brown for a girl). Decoration wise, I'm not sure yet. Once we know the gender and I get myself to IKEA, I'll probably plan more.

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I don't think its too early to think about themes. We have so many decisions and purchased to make over the next several months that if we wait to do it all in the 8-9 month we would all be overwhelmed.

We aren't planning to do another nursery. Everything with DS was gender neutral so we will move the baby into his nursery (which he never used since he rooms with us) and we'll move him into another bedroom.

However, my dh wants to find out the gender so we can redo the nursery. I say NO because I bought all that gender neutral stuff to SAVE us money this time. I'm not sure why he wants to redo it when he didn't even care about it the first go round.

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I don't have one yet. Since this baby is another boy, we're having to move all of the crap in DH's "man-cave" into our room to make room for the new baby (we have a 4 BR, ours, my two sons share a room, my daughter has a room, and then DH has his room). I'm just worried about rearranging... I'll get to the theme later lol!

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When I got pregnant back in 2009, I already knew what I wanted the nursery to look like, and since the website I was stalking it on had a big sale before I found out I was going to m/c, I bought it. It's been in storage ever since. If this little bean sticks with me, we'll be using it finally. This is a pic from the website that I ordered it from. So far I just have the bed set and a diaper bag:

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I love that bedding! How sweet!!