What type of pad will you be using PP?

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What type of pad will you be using PP?

What type of pads will you be using once baby is born? I don't even remember what I used with my last. But thought I would throw this out there!

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*Lurker* I really liked the Always Infinity pads after I had my ds. They are really thin but very absorbent!

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Anything that is super thin. I absolutely cannot stand pads one bit! I wish they made a post preggo tampon lol.

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I just used the most absorbent pad I could find and I can't remember what kind they were lol. The first couple weeks it didn't bother me how bulky they were but after that I got really annoyed with them. I hate HATE pads and I bled after DS2 for 4+ weeks.

I might have to look into the always infinity ones. Smile

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I love Infinity Always

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I think the last time I used Always Ultrathin with wings. Probably will get them again.

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I will be using my reusable Lunapads and Lunapanties and liners as much as possible. I'll supplement with Kotex if all the Lunas are in the wash at the same time.

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I use what we get in the hospital and then ones for sleeping, longer in back and super absorbent and then during the day ones that are super absorbent and won't bunch...I hate that!

With DS#4 I only bled for about a week or 2 so it's not too bad but I hate pads, too!

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I am not a pad person either but you have to do what you have to do! I have noticed that with each child the bleeding was less and less. The first few days were the worst but after that is was nothing. I pray it's the same this time. I will use the pads the hospital gives out till I run out and I love thin pads so I will use those during the day but it was nighttime that gave me a problem.

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Last time I got a load of pads from the hospital and used those until they ran out, then I went with my favorite kotex thins and overnights! I might have to try the Always this time since so many of you like them!

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Not a pad person either- i bought some super kotex with wings- I don't remember what I used last time. May pick up some other kinds too just to see what works best.

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I'm going to use up all the free ones the hospital gives me and then I bought a bag of always ultra thin LONG with wings to protect my underwear (well, they are target brand but you get the idea)

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I normally use pads because I hate the way a tampon feels, and tampons never seem to work very well for me. So I will use the ones that I have left from before I got pregnant, they are always ultrathins with wings. I normally stick with always because when I used some of the other brands they just werent as absorbant which can cause irritation. I will probably need to buy more though because with my daughter I had a pp period for 4-5 weeks.:confused:

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Ive never had a baby but my period is EXTREEMELYY heavy i reccomen always overnight its in a purple package and it actually for women size 14 and up because they are soo long i really reccomend them for the length im not a size 14 but i use them they reach from midpoint on the pelvic point to abt the crack of your behind (sorry tmi) they are not thin they remind me of hospital pads but longer

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Tasha- I used the same thing for the first week and at night because everything always seemed to skip the middle and go forward or backward...yuck! It saved my undies, clothes and furniture. Maybe I'll have to use them the entire time this time around.

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I will probably start with some of my leftover Natracare pads for the heavier flow - they are kind of bulky but get the job done - and then switch to my reusable Gladrag pads later. I've pretty much used my Gladrag liners every day this trimester so switching to a bigger pad hopefully won't be too bothersome.

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I hadn't really thought about it. I had a friend mail me all her leftovers last time - she had twins in July and mailed them to me before I had DS. Smile So I took all of your recommendations and bought the AI ones last night.

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PP was the first time I had ever used pads - EVER!

For the first 2 weeks after DS was born I was on bedrest, and I used Depends (adult diapers). SO EASY! No worries about it slipping off to the side, or leaking anywhere. I will definitely be getting them again (especially for bedtime).
After that I used Always Overnight-Thin. They were long and super absorbant and (even though I still felt like I was wearing a diaper) they weren't that thick. At bedtime, I wore depends.

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I used Depends (adult diapers). SO EASY! No worries about it slipping off to the side, or leaking anywhere. I will definitely be getting them again (especially for bedtime).

I had used pads with 5 of my babies, but with my last I used Depends. They were so nice, not bulky at all. I didn't have to worry about them bunching up. I would suggest them to anyone.

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I also had someone recommend depends--I used those for the first 2 or so days until everything lighted up some. It was surprisingly comfortable with less bunching. Then moved onto overnight pads. I'm not too brand driven-whatever works.

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I like the bigger pads they give you right after birth, the first 24 hours was the worse for me and after that it was ok. Overnight is what always got me. When you lay for so long thats the problem Smile