What's for Christmas Dinner?

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What's for Christmas Dinner?

What is on your menu for Christmas dinner?

We are having


Twice Baked Potatos

A vedgie not sure what



Deviled eggs

Christmas cookies all kinds

Apple Pie

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for Christmas eve we are having

Appetizers - stuffed mushrooms, deviled eggs, cheese and cracker tray, and a bread bowl
main meal - Ham, mashed potatoes, salad, green bean casserole, sweet potatoes, corn, rolls
Dessert - Canoli's, peanut butter pies, cupcakes, and Christmas cookies

For Christmas day we are having

Appetizers - Veggie tray, crostini's, and some sort of veggie filled puffs
main meal- Ham, mashed potatoes, salad, corn, rolls, not sure about the rest of the veggies yet
Dessert- pies, and cookies

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Not sure of everything we are having yet, but dh has wanted to do prime rib for christmas dinner for years! So we'll be doing prime rib. I'm a little sad as I LOVE LOVE LOVE a good ham christmas dinner--with au gratin potatoes and deviled eggs! BUT we generally have a ham dinner for Easter, so I guess this time we'll do turkey for thanksgiving, prime rib for christmas and ham for easter.

I did suggest we have risotto with it, and my dh makes an amazing risotto. I'm a lucky girl--my dh cooks (very well!) so he's making dinner, though I help--I'll probably make rolls. He even has a cooking blog if you want to see it Winkwww.moonlitkitchen.com PS--there is a great apple pie recipe on there (you can make it with Asian pears as it is written on the blog and its amazing--or with apples)

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I am definitely going to check out that site, is his risotto recipe on there? I have been meaning to look up a recipe for risotto, but just haven't gotten around to it yet.

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I dunno if he has added his risotto recipe ever. He gets so busy with work, he neglects his blog at times.

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Not sure what all is going to be made for dinner but DH and I are in charge of the ham and turkey. My parents large oven broke so That leaves them with an oven only large enough to make pies and/or rolls. So we are making both as I have a big turkey roaster oven and then our stove oven to cook them in. I'm sure there will be mashed potatoes, stuffing, and some sort of veggie. Just not sure of what they will be doing exactly.

So anyone have any amazing turkey recipes that doesn't involve the stuffing in the turkey? I have NO idea how to cook a turkey, the ham is way easy though. lol.

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Since we went to a restaurant for Thanksgiving, we're going to do the traditional turkey dinner for Christmas.

Turkey, stuffing, mashed taters, yams, fresh cranberry sauce, probably a green bean casserole, crescent rolls....oh, and my favorite cranberry punch. Not sure about desert yet. We may just skip it this year and chow down on stocking candy.

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"kridda_88" wrote:

So anyone have any amazing turkey recipes that doesn't involve the stuffing in the turkey? I have NO idea how to cook a turkey, the ham is way easy though. lol.

We don't usually stuff the turkey--how we do it is to rub herb butter (sage, rosemary, thyme, softened butter). We also rub some under the skin of the turkey breast. Then rub some inside the cavity and fill the cavity with sliced apples, celery, and carrots. Gives it an apple-y taste to the turkey and it keeps it super moist! LOVELY!

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Thank you Holly! I actually found a web page that has almost that exact recipe but it tells me all the details of how to cook one. Smile My dad is also letting us borrow his digital meat thermometer so we don't over cook the meat. Smile Crossing my fingers hoping it turns out tasty and juicy.

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My mom is cooking dinner for us since we have Emily now. we are having:

Twice baked potatoes
broccoli casserole
yeast rolls
sam's club tiarimisu

I can't wait to down ALL the carbs!!!!!!!!!

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Same thing as Thanksgiving.

Mashed Potatoes
Baby Carrots

I feel like i'm missing something lol.

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We are having a low key gathering at our house since Phineas made an early arrival & we don't feel ready to make the 2 hour drive to my mom's this year. Even though we are hosting, my mom is actually bringing all the food. I think we are having salmon as the main course, not sure on the rest.