Whew! "All normal..."

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Whew! "All normal..."

We had our NT screening done 3 weeks ago and were told we'd hear the results of our blood tests from my OB in 2 weeks' time. 2 weeks passed, and nothing... Since I was switching OBs anyway and didn't want to have to deal with the old one anymore, I decided to wait until today's app't with my new OB to find out the results. Not only was she a million times nicer, but she just phoned to tell us that everything is "all normal." Yay!

I didn't bother asking for exact numbers. I'd become obsessed if I knew them. "All normal" suits me just fine.

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Congrats Eva!

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YAY!!! All normal is a great phrase!

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That's great! Yahoo

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Wonderful!!! Glad you really like the new OB, too!

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yay for being normal Biggrin

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Congrats on your great results!

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Awesome News !!!

I know find that out makes you feel so much more relaxed Smile Congrats!!

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Great news!!! Congrats!!!!

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