Who is next?

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Who is next?

So who is going to be next with having their baby? I know we have one momma ready to go any day, Nathalie ;), and a few others that are very very close.

I'm sure we are basically ready to meet our baby's though. lol. With how low L has dropped my pelvis feels like it's trying to split in two. But knowing my body I will hold in till 40 weeks, though I seriously can't imagine going another 3 weeks like this after already dealing with it for the past 2 weeks. Worst part for my is my childhood friend just had her baby yesterday and she was due AFTER me. Sad Happy for her but jealous she is holding her little boy already.

Anyway, I hope we start having some more baby's over here!

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Well Landon will be here in a week & 4 days for sure Wink (c-section)
But of course if the little one wants to come a little earlier I am all for it. I have a Ob appointment this wednesday
so we get to see if I dilated more Smile hope so. I am sure during this week we will have some new mommies;)

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I'm going in on the 17th for csection, I can't wait Biggrin

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I am not due for 2 more weeks.... but DD1 came 2 weeks early, so I am preparing to go any time!!! Smile

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Can I be next? I need this baby OUT! I cant sleep, my back aches, my feet, toes and ankles are HUGE and swollen. I am READY! Smile

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I think it's a toss up between Ashly or Nathalie.

It's so exciting!!

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I hope Nathalie is first!! She deserves it! My induction is set for Friday the 13th at 6am!

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I don't think it will be me... next week I may be more optimistic.;)

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Not me! We are T-minus 7 days to due date. Ds1 was 8 days early, dd was 2 days early, ds2 was 2 days late but after 4 days of posterior/back labor as he was sunnyside up and wouldn't descend until he turned. So they have come later each time, so I'm guessing he'll be at least to his due date, most likely a few days after.

At my appt last week, he was high, 50% effaced and 1 cm. At my appt yesterday...surprise, surprise--High, 50% and 1 cm!! So no change so I could go another week like this I'm sure.

ETA--and I forgot to add--I'm actually OKAY with him being on time or even late! If you all remember I hadn't really prepped much for baby's arrival so I'm in crunch mode and need all the time I can get! I finally pulled out bassinet and clothes this week. We still don't have a name. So, yeah, as much as I'd love to meet him and as uncomfortable as I can be sometimes, I am well aware that he won't be in there forever so I'm using the time I have to prepare!