Who is Still Pregnant?

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Who is Still Pregnant?

How many of us are still pregnant? It seems like most of us have had our babies! It looks like I am having a C-Section on the 24th. I am so miserable right now and ready to see my baby!

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Jill I hope these next few days go by fast for you! Sending hugs*

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I am. Due date is Monday. I have an OB appt on Monday and if I'm still pregnant then they're going to set up an induction.

I'm going to Caioti Pizza Cafe for lunch today for their famous labor inducing "Maternity Salad". Worked last time for Nathan, so here's hoping it will convince baby boy #2 to come out this time around.

GRRRRRR....come on baby!

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Good luck ladies!!! ELVs to you all Smile

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I am still pregnant I have not posted in a long time since I can't get on at work anymore. I was due Jan. 20 and there ar no signs that baby is coming anytime soon. If I am still pregnant at my next dr apt on the 26 we will talk about induction then

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I am! And getting REALLY tired of it! Wink I have an appointment on monday and might get a sweep done...or I might wait until I am 40 weeks to do it. I am not sure yet...but I am ready. If only baby boy was.