Will I be the last to go? c-sec sched

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Will I be the last to go? c-sec sched

So my c-section is on the 30th of January! Very exciting, guessing I will be the last to go at this rate Wink Glad I still have time to prepare!

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I think you and Krista (kridda88) will battle it out! Wink I know she posted that she thought she'd be the last January mommy to go.

For me, it's just as exciting whether your first or last, I still stalk the board for babies, belly pics and updates.

And, yay!!! You have a date!! That makes it so much more 'real'...at least for me it did. Smile

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My due date is January 30th and I can either go early or late as I have done both. That's exciting that you have a date though!

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My due date is the 31st so we'll be neck and neck for the last baby born on the board!

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How exciting to have a date! I guess there will be battle for the the last snowflake that will born!

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It will be fun having so many people still due throughout January...gives me people to stalk while I'm doing late night/early morning feedings Smile