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YAY - update

Hi girls, i have just been kinda lurking this last month...sorry. Everything is going really well, lots of nausea (blah) but that's a good sign. Went to my 2nd appt today and met with the other midwife at the clinic and really liked her. She asked a lot about my other pregnancies/deliveries and seemed to take the time to get to know a little about me. The best part was that she found the HEART BEAT(160) wahoo...so we are thinking I am about 11 weeks (i have a lot of 'fluff' to hear through so pretty sure there is no way i'm any early than 10 weeks) she wants to be for sure so we are going friday for a dating scan. So glad they do fridays b/c that's dh's day off and right now, outside of an emergency, he can't really take part of the day off.

After we have an accurate date I will finally make a ticker and update my signature. As of today we are guessing Jan 31st.

hope everyone is doing well and YAY for most of you that have moved into the 2nd trimester!!!

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Wonderful!!! Can't wait for the us results!

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Great news Kristen! CONGRATULATIONS Biggrin

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Yay for hearing the heart beat and having a great appt!

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yay for a good apt!!!

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Yahoo awesome news!