Yes, I am still pregnant...

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Yes, I am still pregnant...

and getting a bit tired of answering that one. Yes, I realize I was due last week--but little buddy is comfy! I don't even want to call anyone for having to answer the "still haven't had that baby yet huh?" or "Are you calling because you are in labor?" Um, nope. Just calling to say hi. Ugh. I really don't mind all that much that he is late, though I am starting to get a bit uncomfortable with more aches and pains--hopefully signs things are beginning to get closer. More cervix pain, harder to walk, some cramping.

But the little guy's eviction notice has been served--if he is not here by Thursday, my dr will induce. I have an appointment for Wednesday morning for a balloon catheter to help me dilate. So we will have a baby by the end of the week Smile

Just in case anyone was wondering Wink

And congrats to all the mommies who had their little ones!

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Good luck! Hope he comes soon for you!