You guys are a bad influence (:<

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You guys are a bad influence (:<

So after 3 days of nausea and sore bbs I just had to POAS this am. BFN but no surprise since I'm either 7DPO or 8DPO. I think I can make it till Thurs now. I hope...maybe. Here's hoping.

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You can do it! Keep us posted!

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I feel your pain! Though I haven't caved to any POAS pressure, and really, I am either 7 DPO or 8 DPO so I feel like.....rationally, it's too early for "symptoms." Nevertheless, here's what I have going on (which I started noticing yesterday):

1. Watery CM/wet feeling
2. Heartburn
3. Increased appetite

And kicking in this morning:

4. Fatigue (though I get up at 5 am, so I may just be tired!!)
5. My boobs are just slightly tender and feel swollen. They don't *hurt* but they' the sides are minimally achey near my armpits. This may be the most interesting "symptom" since I rarely get sore boobs and if I do it's usually the day before AF. But AF isn't due for another week.

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Aww...even though it is way too early, sorry it was a BFN.

Do you have any OPK's? When I couldn't resist I used those since I have super cheap ones. At 9 and 10 dpo I knew they wouldn't be positive but it was quite as brutal as the stark white BFN.

I really hope you see 2 pretty lines in a few days!

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GL with your next test! I tested on a wednesday with a BFN and then 3 days later i tested w a BFP Biggrin Hopefully yours is coming soon!

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That stinks. I'm determined not to POAS until Mother's Day, which would be one day after AF is due.
I wouldn't necessarily call them "symptoms" but here's the little things I've been noticing...

1. Sore BBs when nursing
2. slight heartburn
3. slightly nauseous first thing in the morning (like when you feel sick if you haven't eaten in a long time)
4. light cramping today.

Pretty sure it's nothing... My last pregnancy I didn't even feel any symptoms before my BFP.

KUP on when you POAS next!