Are you ready for Christmas?

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Are you ready for Christmas?

So are you ready for Christmas? What more do you need to do?

Me I am not ready at all! I have not even started the shopping! I am going Monday night. I still have to go and get all the food! I just don't feel like doing it!

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I still need to get my brother, dad, and sister done as well as pick up a few for my step kids since we will have them now. Everything that i do have though I already have wrapped so I feel a little ahead of the game lol.

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Not even close! I have a few things for each of my kids, but I'm not done with any of them yet. Not done with dh's shopping yet. Extended family is mostly done and sent (except my mom). Nothing is wrapped. Dh is going to be taking care of Christmas dinner. I'm still making neighbor and friend treats. And I need to send all my cards, though I have them printed and picked up from Costco. YIKES! I'd better get on those!

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I am pretty much done!! Yeah- everything is wrapped, Santa gifts are hidden, stocking stuff is sorted into bags with dd and ds name on it for dh. Made banana bread, gingerbread people, noodle power/haystacks and choc krispie treats! Still need to do the shortbread, cabbage rolls and buns if I have the time.

I have a couple exchange gifts to buy, but feeling pretty organized. I wanted to make sure that everything is organized for dh and family since I don't know when I will get out of the hospital- still hoping and praying that I get out on the 25th the latest.
Hope to get everything done by tues the latest- as wed I have my pre-op appt and thurs early am the section.

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All I need to do is pick up a lottery ticket for DH's stocking. It's been great being done for so long. Maybe next year I will try to do the same thing again Smile I like not having to rush around last minute to get everything and just enjoy the holidays and time with my family. Of course, this is all the "calm before the storm" for when Emily arrives!

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Not really. I'm ready to deliver but not ready for the actual gift part. We have most the gifts but we still need a few more. And we need to wrap lots of gifts still. Fortunately no one expects anything from me this year so I have no cooking or baking to do.

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I think we are basically done. We were done a long time ago with our shopping but an amazing friend (who I met through the July '08 board on here) ended up helping us get some more stuff for our boys that they needed but we just couldn't afford it. I am waiting on a couple more boxes that she sent and need to get them wrapped but we are basically ready.

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I wanted to be ready a long time ago and just never did it. I don't get the kids a lot but really should be done! I am all ready for baby to come that is for sure! I hope to get it all done Monday. Hubby is watching the kids and I am leaving at 4 and not coming home till I am done!

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We are pretty much done. We have 2 hard men to shop for still. We are not sure what to get these men. I'm going Monday to finish them. I have most of the presents wrapped just need bows and tags and tissue paper.