16 Week Appt.

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16 Week Appt.

Hello ladies! I went to my 16 week appointment yesterday. The nurse came in with the doppler and couldn't find the heartbeat. I was kinda freaking out a bit, but trying to hold it together. She moved me to the ultrasound room and I got to see my baby--s/he was moving around like crazy! Thank goodness everything was okay! Such a scare, but such a blessing to see the tiny baby! I scheduled my big ultrasound for the 30th, but I have to change it to the 31st b/c of DH's work schedule.

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What is with these babies hidding from the doppler? my little one did the same but like you said it was nice being able to see them! sorry it was so scarry but ended up well. that is exciting you get your big u/s on the 31st I cannot wait to hear how it goes!

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Sneaky baby! I'm so glad all was okay. How fun to have your anatomy scan set up and for DH to be able to come once you get the date changed. Biggrin

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Glad to hear that baby is okay! Lucky you getting a sneak peak at your peanut!

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These little ones love to scare their mommys!! Glad everything is ok !

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Glad to hear that all is well with baby! Yay for getting your big u/s scheduled! I am so excited to hear if I will be getting a nephew or niece. I will send you all of my BOY vibes!!!! Smile