23 week appointment

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23 week appointment

I had my routine appointment today and everything went well. I stepped on the scale and nearly fell off of it Lol You can tell that my appetite is back. Up until this point I had only gained 8 lbs...and in the past four weeks I've gained 8 lbs :eek: I'm up a total of 16 lbs. BP was 112/71 and baby's heartbeat was nice and fast! The kids were with me today and they got to hear the heartbeat. I think this definately made it real for the girls!

Anyway, the doctor came in and measured me. I'm measuring right at 23 weeks, so little one must have caught up some too since last month I was measuring a bit small. We discussed my actual c/s date and it looks like Jan. 21 will be the day. We also scheduled my 4D u/s for Oct. 10. My next appointment is in 4 weeks and it will be the glucola test. Yuck! Overall, though, it was a good appointment!

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Glad it was a good appointment!!! I have my glucose test next week yahoo Wink

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Sounds like an awesome appointment! It's hard to see the scale move like that, but when it evens out in how you measure, it's worth it. Smile

How crazy exciting to have a c/s date and your u/s on the books! I have my glucose test in a couple of weeks and think about it every time I want something really sugary (which is all the time). ROFL

I swear it's going to be January before we know it!

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Sounds like a great appointment, Holly! It's fun for the kids to hear the heartbeat. I have my glucose test in a few weeks...and I'm kinda dreading it--like Mia, I ALWAYS want something sweet!

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Sounds like an awesome appointment! And now you know your c/s date - that is very cool.